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Providing virtual business and financial services to individuals and small businesses since 2015.

Our Story

Founder and CEO of Dollar and Cents, Kimberliann Chambers learnt about perseverance from a young age. Her family migrated from Jamaica to the USA when she was a child, leaving behind an established life and successful careers. Seeing her parents completely starting over, ingrained a need in her to have her own business. She entered the corporate world at 19, where she spent 21+ years climbing the ranks in management. However, the prestige of a senior management position, and 2.5 degrees, didn’t fill the entrepreneurial void in her life.

She inherited an interest in tax from her father, a qualified accountant who was employed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). She became her father’s data entry helper, however, as time passed, she veered away from a career in taxes due to the complexity of the Tax Law.

Her father eventually retired from the IRS and experienced health challenges, while at the same time Kimberliann’s family demands were increasing. Her job was all consuming with limited flexibility, not leaving much time outside of work for her family.

These circumstances forced Kimberliann to make a choice, stay in a role that was absorbing all of her time and energy, or branch out to something new where she could get a better work/life balance.

And so, Dollars and Cents Mobile Tax and Accounting Services was created in 2015. With a handful of her father’s customers and a reignited passion for taxes, she got to work. In 2018, she left the corporate world for good and has never looked back. Since inception, she’s become an Enrolled Agent certified to represent taxpayers and businesses, and defend their rights before the IRS and State Tax Agencies.

She’s built a hugely successful practice with the help of her team, where clients are considered more as partners. The D &C team partners with individuals and businesses to not only provide tax and accounting services, but also advice and guidance that helps clients thrive financially.

The goal for D & C is to bring the tax and accounting industry into the digital age, being 100% virtual, remote and mobile. Virtually serving clients nationally and internationally, where tax and accounting is one less disruption in life. As well as employing individuals who aren’t limited to four walls, offering them the flexibility of work/life balance.

You Live Life … While We Do Your Taxes!

Meet Our Management Team

Kimberliann Chambers EA, CEO
Melanie Milton, Director

Why Choose Us

Why Work With an Enrolled Agent?

While partnering with a skilled IRS-Certified Enrolled Agent will ensure your taxes get done accurately, it’s about more than that. It’s about making sure you’re taking the necessary steps towards a more prosperous financial future.

Rather than being just a client, you become a partner. They’re your trusted advisor and valued representative; they act with honesty and integrity in every aspect of their role. If you get audited, they’ll be there. If you need to be represented before the IRS and other State Tax Agencies, and have your rights defended, they’ll be there. 

Enrolled Agents have extensive knowledge when it comes to tax laws and regulations for both individuals and businesses. However, they’re not only highly experienced, well-trained and dedicated to making the tax code fair for all, they operate with a level of integrity you won’t find elsewhere.

The stringent entry and ongoing education requirements outlined by the IRS show how dedicated they are to ensuring a more secure financial future for their clients. You have peace of mind knowing that the upper crust of the tax world is on your side.


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