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Tax Services

  • Individual Income Tax Preparation – select this link
    Benjamin Franklin said and we agree, “An ounce of prevention is worth of pound of cure.”
    Proactive tax planning can help you reduce your future tax liability. You can rely on us for comprehensive tax planning for individuals.
    Our goal is for you to file your taxes on time and with full compliance of tax laws. This service extends throughout the year – not just during tax season – with the availability of tax consultations that include tax-saving strategies for individual taxpayers like you.

  • Business Tax Preparation – select this link
    With our business tax preparation solutions, you are assured that all aspects of the business’ finances are monitored and documented to comply with tax filing. We have extensive experience in helping business owners file their taxes on time and thoroughly. We also provide payroll and sales tax management as an additional service.

  • Tax Planning To Preserve You Future
    Too often families are left to manage the estate of their loved one who failed to leave their final love letter. Planning for the proper transition of your estate and/or gifts of assets can minimize tax penalties and also preserve your family’s legacy. This is where our tax experts can play a vital role to ensure that you are able to comply with estate taxes and/or gift taxes as well as safeguard what your beneficiaries are rightfully entitled to.

  • File Back Taxes
    There are some who intentionally do not file their tax returns and then there are those who may have allowed life to get in the way and simply missed the deadline.
    We’re not here to judge either, we just want to help you prevent the onset of notices from the IRS. If payment is owed, in some cases, the IRS may even suspend your driver’s license or worse. Don’t fret. With our help, you can file your back taxes and minimize penalties if there are any. Don’t put it off. Let’s chat about your situation today.

  • Tax Debt Consultation Services
    Are you dealing with the IRS about past-due tax returns or non-compliance of tax regulations? It can be a complicated ordeal and the last thing you want is to get cornered by the IRS to settle tax debts you don’t actually owe. Our Tax Debt Services are designed to ease your situation by helping you to file delinquent tax returns fairly, especially when you’re being audited.

Business Services

  • Accounting and Advisory Services

Our accounting staff members are knowledgeable about the preparation of journal entries, logging of transactions and balancing of accounting books. These tasks are also performed in accordance with GAAP standji8989ards.  Specialty services provided in Business Start-up and Catch-up Accounting, Beauty Salon/Barbershop, Cannabis Accounting and Tax Compliance, Construction/Developers, Daycare with Department of Education Compliance, High Profile Entertainment Individuals.

  • Business Incorporation Services

Do you have a dream that is steadily becoming a passion!  Well make this the year that you follow through and make it a reality!  We offer phone consultations in selecting the best business entity that suits your dream!  But our services do not stop there … we can make your dream a reality by providing the formation services required to make your dream a reality!  In addition to selection consultation Services, DAC can legally form the LLC, LLP, S Corporation, Corporation, Partnership and Non-Profit company of your dreams … Your Company!  We provide EIN assistance, formation and registration agent services Nationwide and expedited processing typically within a 48-hour turnaround time.   

  • Payroll

You need to concentrate on running your business, growing your company, and developing your products or services. The last thing you should be busy with is computing your employee’s withholding taxes, overtime pay, and deductions. Even printing out the employee pay slips can take a lot of your time. It’s better to outsource the payroll tasks to our team to save yourself the time and the headaches.

  • Mobile Notary

DAC is aware of the time-sensitive nature of many legal documents. Our Mobile Notary service is flexible, convenient and timely. Need an affidavit, oath, or affirmation, our staff can assist you. Our Notary Services include, but are not limited to:

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