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DAC Pricing

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Tax Services

  • Individual Income Tax Preparation
    You can rely on us for comprehensive tax planning for individuals. Our goal is for you to file your taxes on time and with full compliance of tax laws. This service extends throughout the year – not just during tax season – with the availability of tax consultations that include tax-saving strategies for individual taxpayers like you.
  • Business Tax Preparation
    With our business tax preparation solutions, you are assured that all aspects of the business’ finances are monitored and documented to comply with tax filing. We have extensive experience in helping business owners file their taxes on time and thoroughly.
  • Estate and Gift Tax Preparation
    We believe you should preserve your family’s legacy of assets when it is being passed down from one generation to the next. You need to plan the proper transition of your estate and/or gifts of assets to minimize tax penalties. This is where our tax experts can play a vital role to ensure that you are able to comply with estate taxes and/or gift taxes as well as safeguard what your beneficiaries are rightfully entitled to.
  • File Back Taxes
    If you haven’t filed your tax returns on time for a while, it’s better to file them late than not at all. You might as well voluntarily file your taxes late than wait for the IRS to discover your non-compliance. With our help, you can file your back taxes and minimize penalties if there are any.
  • Tax Debt Resolution Services
    Are you dealing with the IRS about past-due tax returns or non-compliance of tax regulations? It can be a complicated ordeal and the last thing you want is to get cornered by the IRS to settle tax debts you don’t actually owe. Our Tax Debt Resolution Services are designed to ease your situation by helping you to file delinquent tax returns fairly especially when you’re being audited.

Business Services

  • Bookkeeping
    Our bookkeepers and accountants are knowledgeable about the preparation of journal entries, logging of transactions and balancing of accounting books. These tasks are also performed in accordance with the accepted accounting standards.
  • Payroll
    You need to concentrate on running your business, growing your company, and developing your products or services. The last thing you should be busy with is computing your employee’s withholding taxes, overtime pay, and deductions. Even printing out the employee pay slips can take a lot of your time. It’s better to outsource the payroll tasks to our team to save yourself the time and the headaches.
  • Mobile Notary
    Legal documents are very important and they need to be furnished properly and orderly. Whether your problem is about getting an affidavit, oath, affirmations, or other papers that need a notarial seal, our staff will be able to assist you with that.
Service Price
Individual Tax Preparation $300.00 – Starting Price
$25.00 – Paper Copy
Business & Entity Tax Preparation $550.00 – Starting Price
$50.00 – Paper Copy
Tax Resolution $500.00 – Non-Refundable Research Deposit
$150.00 – Amendments
$250.00 – Installment Agreements
$99.00 Starting Price – Response or Letters of Explanation to IRS
5% – Standard Case
7.5% – Premium Case
$199 – Tax Liability Monitoring Annual Membership
Start-up Business Bookkeeping

  • Sole Proprietor
$350.00/Month* $50.00 – Per Additional Account

  • 1 Bank Account & 1 Credit Card (The Basics)
  • Monthly Reconciliations (The Basics)
  • Quarterly Financial Statements
  • Annual Financial Statement
  • Unlimited Email Support
Professional Business Bookkeeping $1500.00/Month* $50.00 – Per Additional Account

  • The Basics
  • Monthly Financial Statements
  • Quarterly Analysis and Reports
  • Annual Financial Statement and Strategy Session
  • Sales Tax Returns
  • Business Tax Return
  • Individual Tax Return (Owner)
  • Unlimited Email Support
VIP – Profit Builder Bookkeeping $3000.00/Month* $100.00 – Per Additional Account

  • The Basics
  • Monthly Budget and Cash Flow Management and Reporting
  • Monthly Analysis and Financial statements
  • Annual Financial Statements and Strategy Session
  • Sales Tax Returns
  • Business Tax Return
  • Individual Tax Return (Owner)
  • Unlimited Email Support
Business Formation

  • All 50 States
$30.00 – 30 Minute Business Formation Analysis

$650.00 – Complete Formation

  • Corporation
  • S-Corporation
  • LLC
  • Non-Profit
Bookkeeping – Add-On Services $750.00 – Premium Cloud Bookkeeping Set-Up – Set it & Forget it!
$250.00/Month – Quarterly/Annual Sales & Tax Preparation Package
$50.00/Month – Enhanced Reconciliation and Reporting Package
$250.00/Month – AR/AP Management and Reporting
$100.00/Month – Budget and Cash Flow Package
$125.00/Month – Payroll

  • $7.50/Month Each Additional Teammate
Formation – Add-On Services
  • Initial and Annual Report Filing (All 50 States)
    Registered Agent Service (All 50 States)
  • Articles of Amendment – DBA, Changing a Business
    Name, Shares Structure, or other fundamental changes.
  • Articles of Dissolution
  • Articles of Conversion
  • Foreign Qualification
  • Obtain Business Licenses and Permits
  • Trademark Registration
  • Retrieving Certified Copies of Documents or a Certificate of Good Standing
  • Compliance Monitoring & Alerts for established entities