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DAC Academy

We are excited about the launch of DAC Academy!  Starting in September, we will offer a Comprehensive Tax Preparation Training Course.  You have the ability to go through a self-paced online course or an in-person interactive course.  We want to make it convenient for you!

These courses are for those that want to start their own tax preparation business or would like to become a proficient virtual tax preparer.  Our beginner tax course starts with the basics and assumes no prior tax knowledge. You don’t need to know accounting or high-level math. Simple arithmetic and an understanding of decimals and fractions will be necessary. The most important thing to have is good people skills because this is a people business. We’ll teach you everything you need to know!

  • • Complete Course in Just Weeks
  • • Open Book Examination
  • • Certificate of Achievement Awarded
  • • Surprisingly low cost

You will receive:

  • • A training manual
  • • Dedicated support for questions and needed clarification

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

    • • Determine who should file a return
    • • Identify filing requirements for most taxpayers and their dependents
    • • Determine which IRS forms to use
    • • Identify what filing status the taxpayer should use
    • • Explore the client interview process
    • • Examine the most common tax credit, the Earned Income Credit (EIC), and other applicable credits
    • • Examine IRS due diligence requirements
    • • Recognize retirement income to include distinguishing between pensions and annuities
    • • Determine whether standard or itemized deductions are the most advantageous for the taxpayer
    • • Determine when the taxpayer is considered to be a sole proprietor
    • • Determine rental income and proper reporting of that income
    • • File an amended return
    • • And much more!

Refunds are available accordingly:

  • • 90% Refundable – 7 Days Prior to Official Start Date
  • • 80% Refundable – The week of or 7 Days After the Official Start Date
  • • 50% Refundable – Three weeks after the Official Start Date

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